What Is FOB Shipping Point? Definition and Guide 2023


Describe the ways in which factoring and invoice discounting can assist in the management of accounts receivable. Define the concept of an economic entity and explain its importance in preparing consolidated financial statements of a parent company with its controlled subsidiaries. The key to successful business operations is effective inventory management. Discuss how this affects the financial statements of a business as a whole. Discuss why computerized accounting is important to any company that is involved in e-commerce.

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FOB is an acronym that means “free on board,” so FOB destination means free on board destination. A starting dropshipper should consider the needs of the business and match them to the features affordable accounting software can provide. Ana Misiuro is an editor and content creator with Synder who writes about the intricacies of online marketing and e-commerce. Once a newbie herself, she knows the importance of understanding the basic concepts and learning from best practices when you’re just starting in the world of e-commerce. She holds a degree in Linguistics and her interests span public relations, advertising, sales, marketing, psychology and health. The seller fulfills all obligations up until the goods are placed at the buyer’s disposal at their premises. This includes loading goods onto the vehicle that will deliver them to the purchaser’s premises.

FOB Add-on Terms

We will be reducing the amount owed by the customer and increasing sales discounts and cash. FOB is important for small business accounting because it sets the terms of the shipping agreement. FOB determines whether the buyer or the seller pays the shipping costs and who is responsible if the shipment is damaged, lost or stolen. At the same time, the buyer should be adding to its stock. The buyer assumes all risks and benefits of ownership as of the moment the shipment arrives at the shipping dock. Also, under FOB destination conditions, the seller is liable for the merchandise’s transportation costs.


However, the second entry is omitted if a periodic system is in use. Cost of goods sold is neither calculated nor recorded when a sale occurs. Thus, the inventory balance remains unadjusted throughout the year. Eventually, whenever financial statements are prepared, the amount to be reported for the asset must be determined along with the expense for the entire period. Be aware that the income statement for a merchandising company may not present all of this detail. We learned shipping terms tells you who is responsible for paying for shipping.

What is FOB shipping point example?

The supplier is only responsible for bringing the electronic devices to the carrier. FOB shipping point and FOB destination indicate the point at which the title of goods transfers from the seller to the buyer. The distinction is important in specifying who is liable for goods lost or damaged during shipping. The primary difference between the two contracts is in the timing of the transfer of the title for the goods. International commercial laws have been in place for decades and were established to standardize the rules and regulations surrounding the shipment and transportation of goods.


The seller maintains ownership of the goods–and responsibility for replacing damaged or missing items–under the FOB destination agreement until goods arrive at their destination. How effective products move from the vendor to the customer depends on how well both sides understand free on board . FOB conditions may affect inventory, shipping, and insurance expenses, regardless of whether the transfer of products happens domestically or internationally. Under the FOB shipping point, the buyer can record an increase in their inventory as soon as the products are placed on the ship. Under the FOB destination, the seller completes the sale in their records only when the goods arrive at the receiving dock.

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fob shipping point the relationship between inventory cost flows and the actual flow of goods into and out of the firm’s storeroom. FOB shipping point means the ownership of the goods subject to delivery is transferred from the seller of the good to the buyer when… Destination agreement, the seller retains ownership of the goods up until the point where the goods have reached their final destination. In this type of agreement, the buyer assumes full responsibility for the goods after the seller delivers them to the carrier.

In this situation, the billing staff must be aware of the new delivery terms so that it does not bill freight charges to the buyer. In the past, the FOB point determined when title transferred for goods. FOB is only used in non-containerized sea freight or inland waterway transport. As with all Incoterms, FOB does not define the point at which ownership of the goods is transferred.

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