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The consultations at the Douala General Hospital can be done by appointment or by going to the reception desk. For more information on making an appointment, Click here.

To find out what to do on the day of the visit, please read the information below.

Guidelines to follow

On the day of your appointment, please arrive 5 minutes early at the hospital counter with your ID card. If this is your first visit to the hospital, please also bring proof of health insurance.

Never come to the appointment in place of another person (who has left you their appointment) without warning. Indeed, our teams prepare the files of the various patients scheduled. In this case, yours would not be available for the doctor. 

Dans certaines spécialisations, le paiement de la consultation le jour même sera exigé. Nous disposons de distributeurs de BICEC, Afriland First Bank et SGC. 

Si votre consultation intervient dans le cadre d’un accident de travail, munissez-vous de tous les documents liés à la déclaration de celui-ci. Nous aurons besoin des renseignements suivants : nom de votre employeur, nom de l’assureur, numéro de police d’assurance et numéro de sinistre. Nous disposons au niveau de l’accueil caisse plusieurs représentations de nos assureurs partenaires : AREA ASSURANCES, ASCOMA, CHANAS ASSURANCES, WILLIS TOWERS WILSON…

Bring all the medical elements (specialists' reports, letters from your attending doctor, radiological examinations, blood test results, etc.) that will allow the specialist consulted to establish the diagnosis or ensure the proper follow-up of the treatment. 

Also present to the doctor all the documents and certificates that must be filled (absence, transport, etc.).