Stay at the Hospital

Choose the General Hospital of Douala

Follow the instructions of your specialist doctor
At a medical level, you are asked to scrupulously respect all the instructions given by the specialist during the programming of the hospitalisation and or by the anaesthetist during a possible pre-operative visit.

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Hospitalization Rates

The Hospitalization

Go to the hospital admission desk at the agreed time with your identity card, your insurance documents from your health insurance company (we are obliged to charge the full cost to a patient whose insurance is not in order), all documents (or cards) relating to your hospital insurance, a covering letter from your general practitioner, X-rays and other test protocols if you have them, and a list of the medicines you usually take.

What to bring

For administrative purposes, you need to bring the following documents with you : your identity card ; the insurability documents issued by your mutual insurance company ; any document relating to your hospital insurance ; a covering letter from your attending physician, X-rays or other test protocols if you have them in your possession ; a list of the medicines you usually take We advise you to take the following personal items : pyjamas, bathrobe, slippers, toilet bag, flannel, hand towels, soap, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and possibly a bottle of water.

You have an insurance policy

If you have hospitalization insurance, you are advised to contact your insurer to find out what steps you need to take to ensure that your hospitalization is optimally covered. 

Visiting Hours

In the Medicine and Surgery Units, visits are allowed from 2.30 pm to 7.30 pm. In order to preserve the patient's rest and that of his neighbours as much as possible, the number of visitors is limited to two people at the same time in a common room. For patients on a diet, fruit and sweets are not recommended. Patients admitted to the digestive surgery department must ask the doctor's advice before eating any food brought by a visitor. In the interest of the patients and for hygienic reasons, no flowers or green plants may be brought into the intensive care units.


L' Hôpital Général de Douala propose à ses patients des repas diététiquement équilibrés et adaptés à un éventuel régime particulier. Dans la mesure du possible, les patients peuvent choisir entre différents menus rencontrant au maximum les goûts de chacun. Le choix s’effectue la veille auprès d’un membre du Département hôtelier qui se rend dans les chambres des patients. En chambre individuelle, un accompagnant peut également recevoir certains repas. Le personnel infirmier vous informera sur ces possibilités et sur les formalités à effectuer.

Discharge from the hospital

Your return is planned by the doctor, make arrangements with the nurse in charge of the department where you are hospitalised, in order to fix the time of departure. Do not forget to ask him/her for the certificates and prescriptions that you will need. If your state of health requires paramedical assistance at home (nurses or physiotherapists), we inform you, but without any obligation, that we have a home management service for the management of our home care service.