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With an appointment

On the day of your appointment, please arrive 5 minutes early at the hospital counter with your ID card. If this is your first visit to the hospital, please also bring proof of health insurance.

In some specializations, same day payment for the consultation will be required. We have terminals BICEC, SGC and AFRILAND FIRST BANK. For others, the possibility is left to you to receive the invoice at your exit in the weeks which follow.

If your consultation is related to a work-related accident, please have all the documents related to the report of the accident. We will need the following information: name of your employer, name of the insurer, insurance policy number.

Bring all the medical elements (specialists' reports, letters from your attending doctor, radiological examinations, blood test results, etc.) that will allow the specialist consulted to establish the diagnosis or ensure the proper follow-up of the treatment.

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With no appointment

As soon as you arrive, go to the reception desk of the emergency department, where a nurse will make an initial assessment of the seriousness of your state of health and will inform the doctor on the ward of your symptoms.

You will be in a waiting room for the doctor to take care of you. Waiting times are not still, they depend on the seriousness of other situations treated by the doctor.
L’ordre d’arrivée n’est donc pas déterminant dans l’ordre de passage.Une pathologie cardiaque grave à traiter dans l’urgence mobilisera totalement le médecin et éventuellement son interne.

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The staff strives to keep your wait to a minimum. They are attentive to your rapid care. They remain at your disposal to answer your concerns and questions. We thank you for your understanding. The Hospital understands that waiting generates stress but it is its duty to treat the most serious cases. Pathologies that do not present a certain degree of seriousness are not treated as a priority. The department manages an extremely large number of visits with highly variable flows (almost 24,000 visits in a year).

Each agent has a specific role in your care :

- The doctor carries out an examination, diagnoses and prescribes. Only he can take care of the patient medically.
- The intern, under the authority of the doctor, examines the patient.
- The Reception and Orientation Nurse carries out an initial reception assessment and informs the doctor
- The Nurse carries out the care prescribed by the doctor
- The nursing assistant assists the nurse and carries out the bio-cleaning of materials
- The Hospital Services Officer cleans the premises and carries out stretchering.